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Darts game team does not have permanent members nor its own name. Our competitors were winners of LOT Polish Airlines championships in this game and took part in Open Championships of Mazovia in 1999.

Our beginning

The first meeting happened in July 1997 in pub "Lolek" on Mokotow Ground in Warsaw. There and then the first darts game competition was carried out by us. This banal game, how it has appeared for us at the beginning, aroused pretty big sports excitements and awoke a real passion for some of us. Now for not few of us the essential matter is whether dart contains a suitable amount of wolfram and its weight is specified with a one gramme accuracy.

Thanks to that meeting on Mokotow Ground we organized the first championships of our union in January 1998. We have had a nice time, many guests have taken part there and there was many of competitors. About 40 persons participated in that competition. Presently we plan to arouse with this attractive game the other LOT Polish Airlines employees. We are looking for new proposals and we invite all madcaps of darts game to exchanges of experiences and information of the rules of this game and of performing the competitions.

Championships of LOT Polish Airlines S.A.

I-st Championships of LOT Polish Airlines S.A.

II-nd Championships of LOT Polish Airlines S.A.

III-th Championships of LOT Polish Airlines S.A.

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