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Modeler and sympathizers of aviation society.

In 1996 after many years break the LOT Polish Airlines "Modelers and sympathizers of aviation" society resumed its activity. The members of that society are workers of different LOT departments: pilots, tradesmen, office employees, however the biggest group is formed by people who work at aviation technic every day. The members of the society come also from the families of LOT employees, Aviation technic high school and we have some persons who are not directly related to aviation, but tilling this interesting hobby.

The society organizes many madcaps interested in the reductive modeling (plastic or cardboard made), flying models, marine modeling, vehicles and armour-plated weapons. There are also some colleagues make air-photos (spotters), collect metal marks, postcards and many different souvenirs related to history of aviation or army. Today we have almost 50 members.

Up to 2001 we have organized 6 exhibitions of our colleagues models and collections. Every year, in accordance with our annual schedule, groups of our colleagues visit air shows in Paris, Berlin, Farnborough and Moscow. We visit also performances in our country according to our possibilities and we hold friendly relations with people interested in similar activity. We cooperate with new spotter magazine "Start 29", LOT internal magazine "Żurawie", "Radio LOT" and with on-board magazine "Kaleidoscope".

Our activity is supported by:
  • LOT Polish Airlines Company
  • LOT Polish Airlines Social Department
  • Aircraft Maintenance Staff Trade Union
  • LOT Polish Airlines Workers Trade Union

To contact us dial:

  • (+48 22) 606-95-78 ask for Wojtek Michalik
  • (+48 22) 650-46-37 ask for Mirosław Czaplicki
  • (+48 22) 606-96-18 / fax. (+48 22) 630-50-90 ask for Mariusz Kłosowski
Exhibition October 1997

Kolega Andrzej Malesa ze zwycięskim modelem Boeing B-747-400

Kolega Andrzej Malesa

Zwycięski model B-747-400, skala 1/144, firmy REVELL

Członkowie klubu podczas uroczystości wręczania nagród

Kolega Andrzej Malesa odbiera gratulacje od V-ce Prezesa d/s pracowniczych Zbigniewa Lesieckiego fundatora nagrody publiczności

Modele czołgów i samolotów uczestniczące w wystawie klubu

Czołg PzKfw V Panther, skala 1/35, firma Italeri
Model wykonał Janusz Dziumak - I miejsce w grupie modeli pojazdów pancernych.

Model samolotu Fokker VII SP-ABC w skali 1/72
Wykonawca Andrzej Malesa.

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