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Aircraft Maintenance Staff Trade Union
Union history

On the 6th of December 1990 our coleagues: Leszek Małolepszy, [Jan Burakowski], [Jan Kopeć], [ Henryk Urbanowicz ], Artur Raczyński, Wojciech Malinowski, Mirosław Sadowski, [Maciej Piotrowicz], Andrzej Szubiński i Leszek Konopka formed Founder's Committee of our union. On that day 135 persons declared their accession to Aircraft Maintenance Staff Trade Union. Aircraft engineers and mechanics working for Polish Airlines "LOT" noted that the other trade unions acting then in our company didn't care for rights and interests of their professional group. Until now the officials of our trade union have reduced dismission in our professional group, have brought our salary to raise and have made our work more safety and easier. But we still haven't been able to separate the salary plan of licenced maintenance personnel from the general collective agreement of "LOT". This situation has a nagative influence of working atmosphere and leads to the missunderstandings and conflicts.

Union executive

President - Robert Skalski
Vicepresident - Grzegorz Grzybowski
Vicepresident - Cezary Królak
Executive members: Monika Chyc-Gazdeczka, Paweł Sznajder
Board of control: Jarosław Aleszko, Sławomir Lipski, Artur Raczyński
Secretary: Agnieszka Klimowicz

The term of the board is three years.

Executive organization

Social committee Housing and living committee
Honours committee "The gift of heart" LOT foundation
Social protection committee Retired employees relation committee
Law and regulation committee Internet committee
Editorial committee of union newspaper

Attorney at Law

"Anna Czepkowska-Rutkowska Attorney at Law"
Kłopot 4 str., apt. 64, 01-066 Warszawa, Poland
telephone: /+48 22/ 634-35-55
facsimile: /+48 22/ 635-77-67
e-mail: kancelaria@kancelaria-adwokacka.pl

How to contact us

PL 00-973 Warszawa 79
PO Box 52

e-mail: biuro@zznpl.org.pl
website: http://www.zznpl.org.pl

phone no.: /+48 22/ 606-94-05
fax no.: /+48 22/ 606-94-05
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